Weight Lifting (Milo Barbell Club)

Learn the best Olympic weight lifting gym techniques for gains & safety

One of the best forms of training for power and strength is Olympic style weightlifting based on the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch lifts and their variants. Coach Isaac, Coach Darias and Coach Alan use drills and progression training to develop force production, speed and refine your form. If you are an actively competing weightlifter or just want to focus on coordination, agility, balance, speed, and power our Olympic style weightlifting classes will help. Milo Barbell Club is a USAW registered club.

Megan doing Snatch-Pull in weightlifting-class

Weightlifting Classes

Learn to lift and begin your strength journey with Milo Fitness Factory! Our Weightlifting classes provide a progressive fundamental instruction focused on technique and form and are good for novice level to advanced and competitive weightlifters.


Olympic Training

Olympic training is invaluable for off-season athletes as it improves body awareness through developing flexibility and strength. Classes focus on foundational points and refining your form to develop you as a well-rounded athlete.

Sigret doing the sled-pull

Weightlifting Area

Milo Fitness Factory has plenty of gym space for dedicated weightlifting exercises. We provide high-quality equipment and, from time to time, offer educational seminars in addition to classes. This program is great if you are an Athlete, a competitive Weightlifter, or other functional fitness athlete wanting to make your technique better.


Never done it? Not to worry
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