Sunday School – Partner Workout!

The best workouts are done with a partner!

Every Sunday we host a Partner Workout of the day! Bring a friend or just show up and we’ll assign you an appropriate partner. These workouts are designed to be completely accessible and both partners share the work. It’s always a ton of fun and a great way to bond with other members of the Milo community

Group of women partnered up for fitness training

What Is A Partner Workout?

This workout is made up of 2-4 exercises and designed to be done by two people. You might be paired with someone similar to you or with someone with different skill sets or the opposite sex. You might get a rest while the other team member works… or you might have to work together. In all cases you will work as a team and help motivate each other.

Kettlebell Partners Working out

Benefits Of A Partner Workout

Fun Workouts
Workout Harder
Make Friends
Friendly Competition
Fitness Success
Better Technique
Team Building

workout with a partner spotting hanging challenge

Why It Is Important

When you workout with a partner, the tendency is to work harder. It might be due to competition, or motivation, or not wanting to let your team down. This often means you have a better chance at reaching your fitness goals faster. It also means that you are helping someone else be their best. Working hard together helps bond strong friendships too. Come to Milo Fitness Factory and make new friends!


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