Our gym’s men and women coaches serve as your personal trainer

Open Gym is the time you can work with coaches to develop your skills and fitness for your individual goals.  You can get caught up with work that you missed, or prep for a competition.  Strength and Endurance workouts are a great use of this open time.  There is always a Coach on staff to help you with whatever you need.

Woman doing scorpion-pose

Personal Goals

We all have our own workout and fitness goals.  Maybe it is doing 100 push-ups, or squatting 3 times your bodyweight, or running your best 5k.  You can work with our coaches to help you achieve your goals.  Think of them as your own personal trainer.


A Coach To Help

The coaches are here to support you in your efforts, instruct you on the proper way to do exercises, and lead you through classes.  They are a wealth of information and super friendly.  Come say hello and see how they can help improve your fitness.

Woman on rowing machine

Strength & Endurance Training

Be stronger – longer. Increasing your one rep maximum is fine but most physical activities, like some kinds of manual labor, require doing repetitive movements over and over. So, you need to train your strength to stick with you over an extended period of time. Essentially, you want to be as strong as you can for as long as you can. Endurance.


Never done it? Not to worry
We have 3 free foundation classes will get you started!