Fire Factory

Be prepared, gain confidence in yourself, improve your skills

Firefighters have incredible physical demands imposed on them when performing their duties.  As such, they need to train like athletes.  The Milo Fire Factory training is based on functional movement, strength, and high-intensity conditioning in team/task oriented challenges that incorporates firefighter equipment. The goal of Fire Factory is to complete an objective and instill a sense of team accomplishment and camaraderie. By the time you’re done, you’ve had so much fun with your team mates, you forgot you were working out!

fitness member working on teh battle hoses

High Intensity

One of the most critical elements of a firefighter’s physical health is endurance. A regimented high intensity training program will improve muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory endurance. Whether you are doing fitness training to help someone in a time of need or just improve your own fitness level, Fire Factory is a great test of your abilities in a FUN team environment.

Strength Conditioning

Improving overall strength allows you to perform tasks with less risk of injury. Improve your physical and mental strength to stay focused on given tasks while having enough muscular endurance to finish the job in front of you.  We also have specific strength training classes at Milo Fitness Factory.


Functional Movement

Functional training mimics movement that you might practice in everyday life. It increases balance and flexibility while preventing injuries and making your body more efficient. These workouts usually are comprised of exercises like sled drags, sandbag work, hose load carries, sprint work, or tire flips and target core muscles people use to do real life activities. When done properly over time it will help be a better, stronger faster athlete.


Never done it? Not to worry
We have 3 Foundations classes will get you started!