Our Functional Fitness Program:

Train to be YOUR very best and have FUN!

Milo Fitness Factory’s physical fitness program is based on high-intensity interval training combined with Olympic style lifting, body weight exercises and gymnastic type skills.  Classes are performed as a group and are directed by certified coaches.  At Milo Fitness Factory, we train as a supportive community, having fun while working hard.  Come try your first class at our gym for free and see why our membership loves Milo so much!

A Fun Fitness Experience

Workouts don’t have to be a chore.  We like to have fun and help our members get a challenging workout done at the same time!  Group competitions, interesting challenges, unique training outside, birthday workouts and even holiday classes all contribute to keeping our fitness programs fun and exciting.

Group Fitness For Support

Group sessions are a big factor in keeping workouts interesting.  The nature of having highly-varied classes keeps your body and mind adapting to different fitness challenges.  Programming is all done for you and your coach will instruct the group on proper techniques and lead you through the class.  The group helps you push yourself, supports you through challenging exercises, and offers strong camaraderie.

Challenging Fitness Classes

High intensity functional fitness can take your fitness to the next level.  Training focusses on strength, agility, speed, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, stamina, and coordination.  It is more than just a workout- it is training to be a better athlete. No matter your ability or physical level, our coaches will help you scale down or up for every movement and help you learn proper technique to avoid getting hurt.


Never done it? Not to worry
We have 3 free foundation classes to get you started!