With hundreds of CrossFit gyms opening up all over the country, as a beginner, you may be wondering what the hype is all about. Simply put, it is a fitness program that works the body as a whole by performing relatively high-intensity functional movements that encourages more proficient movement patterns. Old fashioned sets and splits don’t feature at all, and any pattern is avoided at all costs as stasis is the enemy.

This innovative program was introduced to the fitness world by Greg Glassman based on his philosophy of building a general, broad, inclusive fitness program to prepare trainees for any physical contingency and that lends itself to all types of sports without specialization. The functional movements utilized in CrossFit are the same ones used in most sports and daily activities such as jumping, running, lunging, squatting, pulling and pushing.

The physical and mental results so far obtained have inspired an almost cult-like following of fitness fanatics who have embraced this new style of training. The basic idea is to mix and match the movements in as wide a range of different styles as possible without any specific objective in mind. You will develop multiple capabilities while building strong arms and legs, core balance and agility, increased speed, and great cardiovascular capacity to cope with variations at pace.

CrossFit Milo logo on beginner size Kettle bell

What is CrossFit All About?

Any workout program requires discipline and focus in order to succeed. In CrossFit, the key is intensity, both actual and relative. Actual intensity can be measured in direct comparison with other individuals. Relative intensity is measured by the way you feel while you are on the clock or pushing yourself to capacity at a controlled pace that can be maintained over an entire workout. Avoiding routine and always challenging the body to new ways of doing things is similar to periodization, something that bodybuilders use successfully, but CrossFit training takes it to the next level.

CrossFit training combines aerobic exercises, cardio exercises, and Olympic weightlifting exercises to achieve an overall workout that helps you move better. The basic philosophy is that the best athlete can lift heavy weights as well as run long distances at a fast pace. To move faster, more powerfully, you need to move well, and for this, you need a diverse training program.

A Beginners Guide to CrossFit

The Foundation classes for beginners consists of 3 one hour classes of fundamental training before moving on to the mainstream classes. This is to avoid the risk of injury and maximize safety for all participants.

The first class will cover basic movements and how to scale them for the group classes. For example, pull ups and what you can do if you’re not able to do them…YET! The second class covers barbell work: Clean and Jerk, Snatch, 3 presses, 3 squats and the Deadlift.  The final class will cover rowing technique, and you will complete the “Baseline” workout.

The Workout of the Day or WOD changes daily and new skills are added continuously to the repertoire of those taking part. For specifics about the programming model please note in The Blog.

CrossFit Class in Tucson

CrossFit classes will include the following:

  • How to practice and train with major lifts like deadlift, squat, clean, presses, snatch, and C&J.
  • Master basic gymnastics like dips, pull-ups, push-ups, with sit-ups, rope climb, presses to handstands,
  • Biking, running, , and rowing VERY FAST!.

These elements are mixed in as many patterns, and combinations as possible as creativity allows for 5 to 6 days per week. It is recommended to cross train and regularly learn and take part in new sports.

This may sound intense to beginners, but you can ease your way into fitness. For example, some beginners might practice weight lifting exercises with a PVC pipe that weighs next to nothing before trying heavier weights.

Hopefully, you learned something from this beginners guide to CrossFit.  To get more articles on CrossFit exercises like this, be sure to like us on social media.